Customer Reviews

This comes to us in  August 2019 from John Kennison:

Our touring party Mike, Gayla, Vicki and myself arrived in Anchorage at 0200 and were out of the airbnb at 0700. A short night bet we had plenty of adrenaline to work with. We were on the way to pick up our camper vans. Camper vans are a good way to travel for two reasons. The first is we had a flexible itinerary and second Alaska allows people to put off the road and make camp wherever you like unless its posted as forbidden.

We picked up our van campers from Northwest Van Campers. They are full-size utility vans in our case Fords converted into simple Campers. (see photos). I’m not able to say enough good things about Northwest Van Campers and the Johnson Family every conceivable need was anticipated. They even included a mile marker book which turned out to be a great help. He said it would, but you know me I was born a skeptic in the ancient Greek tradition. The dog even greeted us with unchecked enthusiasm.

if a 1,200 + road exploration trip is for you look no further than Northwest Van Campers. Their Honesty, integrity and willingness to accommodate reasonable requests recommend them far better that I can.

Ask Jeremiah to tell the story of the rock-fish tattoo on his leg. A first-class story and I’m an aficionado of first-class stories.

Here’s a Review from August 2016 from Ellen:

Our experience with Northwest Van Campers was great. Gary and Ryan were helpful and generous with time on the phone even before we arrived. They took plenty of time to show us all the features of the van and gave us tips on the our travel plans. It was everything we had hoped for: easy to slip into camping spots or spontaneous parking spots, efficient cooking system, comfortable driving and sleeping. The only feature that got old was: we couldn’t stand up straight! This should have been obvious but, we’re in our late sixties and don’t want to encourage the stooped look. Otherwise, we HIGHLY recommend this option for exploring wherever you want to go!

This 2016 review comes from Daphne and Andreas from Vienna, Austria:

When we decided to visit Alaska, we knew for sure that we needed a vehicle. Our best option was to go with a camper, but we were traveling low budget and didn’t want to be driving around in one of the massively big campers, so we looked for an alternative. And we found it. Northwest Van Campers. The camper van rental offers an amazingly well equipped Ford that leaves nothing to wish for. We were surprised about how much space there actually was in the van. For 10 days it became our home, and we truly did feel at home.
It was the perfect way to discover the vast beauty of Alaska, driving down the Highways, watching wildlife and exploring places. During those 10 days we collected many memorable moments, one sticking out: In Valdez we came across 3 young black bears, only the highway separating them from us. A terrifying and at the same time awe-inspiring experience.
For a number of reasons we recommend Northwest Van Campers, but we would like to point one out: Doing all the reservations, getting the van, going over the details, returning the van – everything was a pleasure thanks to Gary’s, and in our case also Ryan’s, friendly, professional and most helpful nature.

The story of us 10 days in Alaska with that amazing van – it has been told several times now and will be shared many times again in the future.

We got this review in 2015 from Richelle and Ken in Japan:

We were very pleased with our camper but even more so with the service and personal attention given to us by Gary. He explained all the features of the van clearly and patiently and everything worked as he said it would. There were lots of things included that other companies charged extra for such as chairs and an awning for rain. The kitchen space was well thought out and easy to use for preparing meals. I would gladly recommend renting a camper van from Northwest Van Campers to anyone who wants a small, reliable vehicle for camping around Alaska.


Here’s a new note from Dick and Patsy in Texas, written in 2015:

While many companies have customer reviews, seldom are they so uniformly positive as those
for Northwest, but more importantly the vans and service goes well beyond the expectations those
reviews create. I will not repeat the details of those reviews except to say —- Super! Super! Super!

Dick & Patsy

This letter was written to us by Dan from Oregon in 2014:

Just a short note of appreciation for the amazing time we had on the Keni. We could tell you had thought of everything and organized your van in such a way that made camping a cinch. I had fully planned to stop at a store and stock up on things that you provided that were not even mentioned. Your information on where to start and possible destinations were spot on. We caught so many fish our arms got sore. We were also able to get nose to nose with some Griz! Thanks for working with us on our return time and and also on helping us on our arrival day. If you ever need a reference please use me. We’ll be back as soon as we can! You provide a great service and it is appreciated.


Here’s a review from Roland and Fabienne of Switzerland, 2014:

We had been surfing the internet quite a while till we found the homepage of Northwest Van Campers. After we had read all the information on the page, we decided to travel through Alaska and Yukon in exactly such a van. The reasons were different. The van was the size of vehicle we were looking for. Secondly the rental fee was really affordable. And thirdly, we could travel everywhere we wanted. That means, Gary and Traci allowed us to travel gravel roads and we could even drive to Canada.

The van had enough space for the two of us. The bed was comfortable and the kitchen just inside the rear door had everything we needed, some plates, cups, cutlery, … We very seldom stayed on a campground or an RV park, but just pulled off at a nice spot and spent the night there. We quite often cooked by ourselves on the stove in the van.

We drove to some extremely remote areas, such as the Robert Campbell Highway from Watson Lake to Carmacks or the Dempster Highway from Dawson City to Inuvik. We never had any problems with the van, except a flat tire close to Fort McPherson on the Dempster Highway. Luckily the van had a spare tire, so that we could change tires ourselves.

We would really like to thank Gary and Traci for answering all our questions prior to our holiday. The pick-up of the van has never been easier than with Gary. We met in downtown Anchorage, checked the car, did the payment and off we went. Having travelled on many gravel road, our van was extremely dirty on the inside and the outside. After going through a car wash the car was still quite dirty on the inside. But that wasn’t a problem at all. Gary and Traci cleaned it themselves. Thank you.

If we decide to visit Alaska once more, we would definitely rent a van from Northwest Van Campers again.

Roland & Fabienne

This review, written in 2014, is from Erin and Michael of Washington State:

Our first trip to Alaska was awesome! We rented a camper van from Gary at Northwest Van Campers and it allowed us an incredible amount of freedom as well as probably saved us money as we were able to cook using the camp-style kitchen in the back of the van. We drove down the Kenai Peninsula, stayed in cool little towns like Hope, Girdwood and Talkeetna and finished our trip with friends near Denali Park. Traveling in the van offered us flexibility; we slept in towns, campgrounds and the driveway of our friend’s house. Since we had planned a trek along the way too, the van had lots of room for our packs and gear. I can’t imagine exploring Alaska any other way! Gary was very professional, accessible and friendly to work with. Call him now to plan your Alaska adventure!

Erin and Michael Newton

This is another 2014 review from a couple of satisfied customers, Lynne and Wayne:

Gary’s converted van satisfied our 3 goals in exploring Alaska: (1) to be able to travel freely wherever the mood took us, without reservations; (2) to have a vehicle much smaller and easier to drive than the large RVs; and (3) to find a less expensive alternative to an RV. The bed was surprisingly comfortable. The kitchen cabinet in the back was brilliantly designed, and stocked with everything you could need for camp cooking. Everything in the van, including linens and towels, was clean and well thought out. Gary thought of everything — including bug spray, paper towels, propane stove, a french press which is the perfect way to make coffee in a camper, a copy of “Milepost,” and a high-quality ice chest which really did keep food cold for 5 days. Everything worked well, including the van itself.

We were very impressed with how perfectly the van fit our goals for exploring Alaska, and highly recommend Northwest Van Campers for anyone with the same objectives.

Lynne & Wayne

Here’s a 2014 review from David and Charlene in Vermont:

We recently returned from a three week road camping trip to Alaska. In our preparation for the trip, we extensively searched for a rental vehicle that would meet our travel needs. Gary Weir of Northwest Van Campers was accommodating and supportive, supplying information and suggestions as we planned our itinerary. Thus, we chose his company and were ultimately surprised and pleased that it exceeded our expectations.
The van was immaculate and fully equipped with necessary items and even those we did not expect to be included: personal towels, playing cards, bug spray, etc. The vehicle was spacious and well designed and, most importantly, reliable throughout our 2,000 mile adventure.
As we reflect on our experience, we appreciate the value of our choice. It was a fabulous trip in large part due to our choosing Northwest Van Campers!

David & Charlene Switz
Readsboro, Vermont

We received this kindly worded review in 2014 from Debbie and Michael in Florida:

We had the pleasure recently of renting, for two weeks, a van from Northwest Van Campers Rental. From the coffeepot to the blackout curtains, thought and ingenuity characterized the set-up inside and outside the van. We enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have some flashy rental company logo on the side, and that our van fit in everywhere we drove. The ride was comfy, the bed was comfy, and gas mileage, for that kind of vehicle, wasn’t bad either. We felt like we got a pretty good deal, considering we had both transportation and a home on our backs everywhere we went. The real highlight though was the thoughtful, conscientious interaction we had with the management and staff ~ what a great outfit to deal with! Altogether, an excellent experience. We highly recommend this company!

Debbie Jamieson and Michael Roberts

Here’s a letter that was written in 2013 by Jamaine, a happy customer of Northwest Van Campers (NWVC):

If you’re looking for a camping vehicle to rent while exploring Alaska and are considering Northwest Van Campers, you’ve just lucked out, big time. If NWVC has any vans left for you to use during your trip, I’d suggest immediately jumping on that opportunity, before they’re gone.

I cannot remember previously experiencing the outstanding level of service Gary Weir provided to me and my wife while working with NWVC. From the beginning, he readily made himself available to answer questions regarding our trip, not only providing suggestions pertaining to hiking trails and parks and other Alaska highlights, but providing maps, web links, and lengthy descriptions, all of which greatly helped us decide upon our route and activities.

Gary consistently went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our trip to the fullest, and that made a great impression upon my wife and me. Gary knows Alaska well and his excitement in sharing his knowledge is infectious.

The van we rented was, in a word, awesome! If you enjoy the idea of traveling around at your leisure, finding beauty where you may, and then locating an “out of the way” place to park and comfortably camp for the night, you’ll love the van. In fact, I’ll wager you affectionately name the thing before the end of your first day out.

The van was in excellent condition and was sparkling clean. It is easy to drive and operate, anybody can do it. The bed is very comfortable, though if you’re on the tall side you’ll occasionally have to drape your legs over your sleeping partner to stretch out – no biggie, just wait until they’re sleeping and they’ll never know.

The kitchen at the back was a joy to use and if you’re even vaguely used to camping and using that type of equipment, you’ll take to it like a fish to water. Even if you’re not used to it, Gary has ingeniously arranged the kitchen so that it is basically as easy to use as yours at home.

I’ll never forget camping along Resurrection Creek, the water flowing mere feet from the van, standing at the kitchen, food cooking on the little stove, cold beer in hand, smiling from ear to ear, realizing I had somehow skirted the gates of heaven and entered without invitation.

And I’ll never forget how well Gary treated us, and how his company was an integral part of our enjoyable trip. Without hesitation, I would eagerly recommend Gary and Northwest Van Campers to any traveler looking for a unique Alaskan adventure.


Jamaine Batson

If you’ve rented a camper van from us and enjoyed your stay here in Alaska, please write us! If you’re interested in an unforgettable camper van trip to Alaska, take a look at our vans here.