Our vans allow you to cook, rest and drive in comfort. Click on any of the images below for a closer look. Reserve Now!

Front view of a quality alaska rental van

Northwest Van Campers provides you with a vehicle that allows you to blend in with no loud paint schemes or large advertising logos letting everyone know you’re visiting.

Side View - Alaska rental vans

Instead, you’re just another local resident.

Inside features include…

Inside an Alaskan camper van rental

Comfortable seating for two, automatic transmission, V-8 engine, power windows, power locks, cruise control, bluetooth stereo, auxiliary port for recharging.

Accomodations provided for travel in our vans

Our vans provide a simple yet open floor plan for your convenience with an open-aired luggage rack on top. The cooler sits behind the driver seat giving the passenger easy access during long drives. An additional storage crate keeps essentials of black-out curtains, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and clamps for the awning. A storage bin slides under the bed keeping towels and an extra blanket stowed.

There is plenty of storage space in our vans

Northwest Van Campers: a bed inside a van

Another great feature is that you won’t have to spend 30 minutes re-arranging the van, flipping over seats, disassembling tables after cooking before you can lay down on the bed. With plenty of room for two, this 72” (183 cm) x 48” (122 cm) bed provides a great nights rest on a memory foam mattress and black out curtains allow for complete privacy that keeps out the “Midnight Sun” so your sleep is not disturbed.

Our vans come equipped with kitchen supplies

The outdoor kitchen comes fully equipped with pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, coffee pot, 2 cans of butane, 2 stoves, cutting board, sink, cooler, food storage, tarp/clamps for the awning, two camp chairs and a small table. This versatile kitchen allows you to prepare a meal wherever and whenever you wish.

Alaska van rentals - exterior view cargo area

If you find yourself in wet weather, quickly set-up the awning so you can stay dry while you prepare your meal.