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Meet the fleet

Our vans allow you to cook, rest and drive in comfort.

Northwest Van Campers provides you with a vehicle that allows you to blend in with no loud paint schemes or large advertising logos letting everyone know you’re visiting.

Instead, you're a local!

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Our Inside Features

Fully equipped kitchen • clean linens • towels and an extra blanket • 2 Camp chairs • Food cooler • 150 miles per day – averaged over your trip • Milepost • No hidden fees • 24-hour assistance

Premium Van
Regular Van (Newly Remodeled!)

Our vans provide a simple yet open floor plan for your convenience with an open-aired luggage rack on top. The cooler sits behind the driver seat giving the passenger easy access during long drives. An additional storage crate keeps essentials of black-out curtains, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and clamps for the awning. A storage bin slides under the bed keeping towels and an extra blanket stowed.

Comfortable seating for two, automatic transmission, V-8 engine, power windows, power locks, cruise control, Bluetooth stereo, and an auxiliary port for recharging. If you find yourself in wet weather, quickly set up the awning to stay dry while you prepare your meal.

Another great feature is that you won’t have to spend 30 minutes re-arranging the van, flipping over seats, or disassembling tables after cooking before you can lay down on the bed. With plenty of room for two, this 72” (183 cm) x 48” (122 cm) bed provides a great night's rest on a memory foam mattress.  Black-out curtains allow for complete privacy that keeps out the “Midnight Sun” so your sleep is not disturbed.

The outdoor kitchen comes fully equipped with pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, a coffee pot, 2 cans of butane, 2 stoves, a cutting board, a sink, a cooler, food storage, tarp/clamps for the awning, two camp chairs and a small table. This versatile kitchen allows you to prepare a meal wherever and whenever you wish.

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Our Current Rates

Original Van
Passenger Van
Premium Van
7-9 Nights
10-13 Nights
14-20 Nights
$175 (includes 1 accessory item)
$240 (includes 1 accessory item)
$225 (includes 1 accessory item)
21+ Nights
$170 (includes 2 accessory items)
$235 (includes 2 accessory items)
$220 (includes 2 accessory items)

Prices Do not include 3% State tax & 8% Municipality tax or 3.5%CC processing fee. 150 free miles per day averaged over your entire trip.

7-day minimum rental  - 10% discount with Military ID

Available Accessories

Battery Lantern

$2 daily/ $10 weekly

Camp Chairs

$2 daily/ $10 weekly

3-person tent

$5 daily / $30 weekly

Sleeping bag

$3 daily / $15 weekly

Sleeping pad

$2 daily / $10 weekly


$5 daily / $20 weekly

11L Day Pack

$2 daily/ $10 weekly

Fish cooler

$10 one-time fee

40+L Backpack

$5 daily / $20 weekly

Hiker Poles

$2 daily / $10 weekly

Backpacker Stove

$3 daily / $15 weekly

Bike rack

$5 daily/ $30 weekly

30L Dry bag

$2 daily/ $10 weekly

Solar Shower

$2 daily / $10 weekly

Kayak / Canoe rack

$5 daily / $30 weekly

Mileage Packages

100 additional miles - $10 per day     Unlimited miles - $15 daily

Northwest Van Campers Availability for 2024: limited bookings in May, blackout dates as follows - 24-29 May/14-16June/28 June-4 July/2-5 August/29 Aug-3 Sep. On blackout dates vans cannot be picked up or dropped off but your rental may encompass those dates.

Green indicates that we’re available for that date
Yellow means there are reservations on that date, but we still have a van available
Red means that we’re sold out

The latest on our fleet

As of today, we are currently running 2 standard-build vans with 2 new premium builds and one 15 passenger van.

Your pick-up and drop-off days must occur before or after the blackout dates. However, your trip may encompass blackout dates. We also like to enjoy the Alaskan summer; thank you for understanding.

Our blackout days for 2023 are as follows: June 18th Sunday, June 27th Tuesday through 6 July Thursday, 21 July Friday through 24 July Monday, 1 September Friday through 5 September Tuesday. 

*Remember – all rentals require a 7-day minimum rental*

Please start your booking request by selecting Van 1 or 2 for a campervan or van 3 for a 15 passenger van. Van 4 is our premium build.  If your dates do not come up available, try selecting another van.