1. Do you offer one-way rentals to or from Alaska?

– No, not at this time.

2. Does it cost extra to travel into Canada and the continental U.S?

– No. We do not reccomend driving through Canada at this time due to health concerns.

3. Is there room for additional storage?

– Yes. Each van has an additional roof rack that is provided on request at an additional 50.00 1 time cost.

4. Are there interior USB outlets that can be used while the driving the van?

– Yes. The stereo has the ability to charge any USB device.

5. How many miles per gallon/kilometers per liter does each van get?

Gallons: Each van has a 35 gallon fuel tank. You can expect to get 13 miles per gallon in the city and 17 on the highway. This is approximately 595 miles per tank of fuel.

Kilometers: 132 liter fuel tank.  You can expect 5.5 kilometers per liter in the city and 7.2 on the highway. This is approximately 950 kilometers.

Of course this will vary depending on your driving style.

6. How old do you have to be to rent a van?

– 21 years old with a valid driver’s license and with a valid US Auto Insurance Policy.

7. What is included with the price of the rental?

– All van rentals include: plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, 1 pot, 2 pans, strainer, pucolator/french press coffee pot, 2 portable butane stoves, 2 canister of butane, cutting board, sink, (1) 48 quart cooler, bottle opener/corkscrew, folding table, 2 camp chairs, kitchen towels, blankets, sheets, 2 pillows, 2 bath towels, a Milepost and 150 miles per rental day.

8. What is the “Milepost?”

-The Milepost is an 800+ page book that breaks down every highway in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and the Western Northwest Territories of Canada by mile. If there is a fishing-hole, campground, gas station, scenic spot, or hot springs the Milepost lists it, describes and displays it on one of its 100 maps. It also includes proposed itineraries, the Alaska ferry system schedule and a large pull out map of the entire Alaska/Canada region.

9. What type of stereos do the vans have?

-All the Vans now have Bluetooth/USB enabled stereos to assist you with GPS navigation or listening to your favorite songs and or POD cast on your adventure. 

10. What additional costs can I expect to pay when I pick up the van?

– Because taxes are already included in the price, the price listed, is the price you pay. The only additional costs you will incur are for the additional items you would like to rent (optional items), and a $110.00 dollar cleaning and re-stock fee. The cleaning and re-stock fee covers things like car washes, oil replacement, sheet and linen replacement, camp chair replacement etc. This fee allows us to have the vans professionally cleaned and to replace any items that are not in 5 star condition upon your return. This is so we can provide the best product possible to the next customer.  

11. What is the make and model of the rental fleet?

– All vehicles are a Ford E-350 12 passenger van converted into camper vans. We also have standard Ford E-350 15 passenger vans for larger groups as well.  They are much more spacious than the smaller Chevy Astrovan rentals and much more fuel economical than the bigger RV’s.

12. What type of transmissions do the vans have?

– All vans have an automatic transmission.

13. What will I need to cross the Canadian and U.S borders?

-As a U.S or Canadian citizen the easiest answer to this question is to have valid personal PASSPORT. Although you may be authorized to use other forms of identification be sure to look at the attached links to determine your eligibility.

The CBSA Welcomes Travelers to Canada

Required identification to enter Canada

As other than a U.S or Canadian citizen you will need a valid personal PASSPORT to enter both countries and a VISA, if required, for your country of citizenship.

Countries/Territories requiring visas to enter Canada

Countries/Territories requiring visas to enter the U.S and info on the visa waiver program

14. I have heard that Canada will not allow anyone with a criminal history into the country. Is this true?

– This can be true. Canada does have a list of reasons which would make you ineligible to enter the country. Some reasons include: convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Although a decision on your admissibility can only be made when you apply to go to Canada or at a port of entry, you should contact the Citizenship and Immigration Office of Canada for further questions.

People who cannot come to Canada (Inadmissibility)

15. If I am a Canadian citizen am I able to rent a vehicle in the United States and enter Canada?

– Unfortunately not. Due to the regulations of the Canada Border Services Agency, if a Canadian resident rents a vehicle in the United States he/she can only operate it in the U.S.

16. Are there options to accommodate more than 2 people?

– At this time we no longer have any vans that will accommodate more then 2 travelers we look to expanding in the future but we need some bigger vans.

17. Does Northwest Van Campers offer airport pick-up/drop-off

– No, We are a very small family owned company and do not have the employees to pick up at the airport. We are however, a nice 10 minute scenic drive from the airport. 

18. Do I have to stay in a campground when I’m exploring the Northwest?

– No. The vast open country of Alaska and Canada offer for many places to camp outside of a campground but we do ask that you do not camp in the areas marked with “No Parking”  or “No Camping” signs. Many free camping spots are listed in the Milepost. Please respect the environment and do not leave any trash behind when you depart. Although staying in a campground is not required we encourage you to take advantage of the public facilities provided at a reasonable cost at each location. Included in each van is a “Quick Reference” sheet that lists the facilities provided at each campground within a destination city.

19. Should I make reservations at campgrounds in advance?

– It is not required although during the salmon fishing season many campgrounds located on the Kenai Peninsula (i.e. Russian River Campground) have a tendency to fill up very quickly so reservations are highly encouraged.

20. Does Northwest Van Campers offer any type of discounts?

– Yes. A 10% discount will be applied to Active Duty and Retired members showing a valid Military ID.

21. Is smoking permitted in the vehicles?

No. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles. The smell of smoke will result in a $500 fine.

22. Are pets permitted in the vehicles?

– No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in the vehicles. If you allow your pet in the vehicle you will incur a fine of $500.

23. How do I get to Northwest Van Campers from the airport?

– we are located a scenic 11 mile (17.7 KM) drive from the airport,  taxis, Uber and Lyft cost run about $28-30 dollars per ride.