Mountain Biking: 14 Day Trip

14 DaysPalmer, Denali National Park, Denali Highway, Glennallen, Girdwood, Hope, Anchorage800 Miles
Mountain Biking 14 Day Trip

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Glennallen: 62.109167, -145.546389
Anchorage: 61.201389, -149.900000
Girdwood: 60.960833, -149.110833
Hope: 60.917500, -149.641111
Palmer: 61.597222, -149.113056
Denali Village: 63.751667, -148.899167

There are hundreds of miles of trails within Alaska and Canada to satisfy the craving of every biking enthusiast. As you make your way to each destination you’ll have plenty of daylight left to explore the trails thanks to the midnight sun. If you’re a road-cyclist, have a friend drive the van as a support vehicle while you pedal through the Yukon Territory into Southeast Alaska!