Hiking: 14 Day Trip

14 DaysDenali National Park, Talkeetna (Denali State Park), Palmer (Hatcher’s Pass), Girdwood, Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward, Anchorage860 Miles

Hiking 14 Day Trip

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Girdwood: 60.960833, -149.110833
Hope: 60.917500, -149.641111
Cooper Landing: 60.490000, -149.834167
Seward: 60.113889, -149.443056
Palmer: 61.597222, -149.113056
Anchorage: 61.201389, -149.900000
Talkeetna: 62.323889, -150.109444
Denali Village: 63.751667, -148.899167

There is not a vacation long enough that will allow you to hike all the trails within Alaska and Canada. There are trails here that will accommodate those who enjoy a nice stroll through the woods to those who want to test themselves. Once a mountain in Alaska begins going up it doesn’t stop until the summit but the view will be breathtaking and makes every one of those steps worth taking again! Words can never describe the scenery you’ll experience on the trails, it’s up to you to discover it.