Brewery Tour: 7 Day Trip

7 DaysWasilla, Talkeetna, Healy, Fox, Palmer, Anchorage785 Miles
Brewery Tour 7 Day Trip

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Healy: 63.870000, -149.006389
Anchorage: 61.201389, -149.900000
Wasilla: 61.576667, -149.465556
Talkeetna: 62.323889, -150.109444
Palmer: 61.597222, -149.113056
Fox: 64.958056, -147.618333

This is a perfect way to see the beauty of the Northwest. As you head to visit your next destination you’ll be witnessing some of the most scenic landscapes the world has to offer and then you’ll end the day with a full-flavored microbrew, reminiscing amongst friends under the midnight sun!