Visiting the Matanuska Glacier in a Camper Van

by Mike on January 16, 2014

Visiting the Matanuska Glacier in a Camper Van

The Matanuska Glacier is only a short 2-3 hour drive from Anchorage. It’s a beautiful drive, replete with wildlife sightings and photo opportunities. This is a must-see valley glacier! There’s a small charge to get in, but it’s well worth it. To get there, drive past Palmer on Glenn Highway (Highway 1) and you’ll eventually find the glacier off to your right. On the highway, you’ll be driving along the Matanuska River, which comes directly from the glacier.

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. The best way to see the sights of Alaska is in a Camper Van. You can sleep, cook your meals, and drive around to see and do whatever you want! You can see more information on the vans here, or request a reservation here.

Matanuska Glacier Panorama
The Matanuska Glacier, Alaska
Matanuska Glacier Valley
Standing on the largest car accessible glacier in the US
a Glacier Stream in Alaska
Ice Spires in the Matanuska Glacier
Standing in front of the Matanuska Glacier
Hiking up the Glacier

If you want some good food after you visit the glacier, drive a couple more miles West down the road and you’ll find the Sheep Mountain Lodge, which has friendly service and delicious food. Try the desserts!

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