Visiting Denali National Park in a Camper Van

by Mike on November 14, 2012

Northwest Van Campers will get you to Denali National Park
It’s a great drive north from Anchorage to get to Denali National Park. The scenery along the way is beautiful and you’ll have the opportunity to stop off in Talkeetna to see where most Mt. Denali expeditions leave by plane.

You’ll be able to see into the park long before you get to it. Here’s a look at Mt. Foraker from south of the park along the highway.

Mt. Foraker in Denali National Park

Mt. Foraker, Denali National Park

Once you get up to the park, you’ll want to stop at 49th State Brewery before you head in to find a bus.

49th State Brewery Denali National Park Alaska

49th State Brewing Company

To get into the park, you’ll leave your van in the lot and take one of the tour buses in. This encourages the animals to keep coming around so you can get a true wilderness experience on your van camping adventure.

Denali National Park Tour Bus

The Tour Bus in Denali Park

You’ll want to ride the bus in as far as you can, and stay in a campground so you have time to go for a hike. Along the way you’ll see valleys and mountains, rivers and wildlife.

The Bus Ride in to Denali National Park

The Great Wide Open Denali National Park

Here, some caribou are spotted near river in the evening.

Caribou in Denali National Park


Once you leave Denali and head south, you might want to stop at one of the lakes along the way which are known for their fishing. Alternately, you could continue heading northeast and visit Fairbanks, which would open up lots of recreational activities. The beauty of renting a camper van in Alaska is that you make the schedule and you set the itinerary.

You don’t need to fly to a foreign destination to experience true beauty. Even in this economy it is still possible to buy American Made Products and take American Vacations. The campervan will put that trip in your budget!

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