Resurrection Pass and Romig Cabin on Juneau Lake

by Mike on September 25, 2013

Resurrection Pass and Romig Cabin on Juneau Lake: an Adventure with Northwest Van Campers

I parked the van I rented from Northwest Van Campers at mile 52 of the Sterling highway in Cooper Landing just across the street from the world famous Kenai River. It was 8 a.m. as I put on my running shoes and began my 9 mile run to Romig cabin on Juneau Lake on the Resurrection Trail. Despite the light drizzle the temperatures were perfect, I was dressed for efficiency and the dog was ready to go. We had dropped Traci off a couple miles down the road at the Quartz Creek campground where a good friend, Casey was going to pick her up and take her the long way to the cabin as they toured the Chugach mountains in his floatplane….and so the race was on, I had an hour to get to the cabin to watch them land and welcome them to the secluded lake and campsite.

The trail is wide and made for easy walking despite the occasional bicycle rut or horse manure pile and after about ¼ mile I was so muddy I didn’t care about trying to stay dry anymore and sped my run up. The scenery to the cabin is incredible as you pass through the valleys, mesmerized by the surrounding mountains, wildlife and fields of fireweed. With plenty of fresh running water throughout the trail I was hydrated, cooled and on pace to meet Casey and Traci.

Harding Ice Field, Kenai Fjords Alaska

Harding Ice Field

57 minutes 13 seconds I made it to the cabin soaking wet, muddy, smilin’ ear to ear with a dog that couldn’t have been happier….and just in time. I heard the engine of the Cessna quieting down as Casey pulled the power to come in for the approach so I quickly ran down to the lake to record their landing. When they taxied over and got out I could see from the smile on Traci’s face that she had a great time as they flew down towards Seward, over the Harding Ice Field, Kenai Lake, mountain tops and eventually into Juneau Lake.

With the clouds beginning to roll in, Casey unloaded the bags, taxied back across the lake for takeoff and gave us a nice flyover on his way out.

Flying into Juneau Lake Alaska on a Float Plane

The Float Plane

Traci and I started a fire in the wood-burning stove of the Forest Service cabin, unpacked some things and headed to the canoe (compliments of reserving the cabin) to catch some dinner. Within an hour Traci had caught 3, 14” rainbow trout while I got the pleasure of rowing and trying to contain a dog that wanted to swim for the rest of the evening.

At one point on the way back to the cabin we just stopped, leaned back and captured the views of our own private paradise in Alaska: eagles flying, loons calling, fish jumping and majestic scenery; this is the type of atmosphere that makes you want to leave your job and just live off the land.

Canoeing in Juneau Lake, Alaska.

Juneau Lake

We cooked the trout over an open fire, wrapped in tin-foil and smothered in butter. A cup of hot chocolate with a game of cribbage by the fire ended the night.

Why we only reserved the cabin for one night is beyond me but now that I know better, it’s only fair to share the wealth with others who come to visit Alaska and want to see its true beauty.



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