Fishing on Crescent Lake in Alaska

by Mike on December 21, 2013

Fishing on Crescent Lake with Northwest Van Campers

Hiking from our campervan to Crescent Lake CabinThe word around town was that Crescent Lake was filled with Arctic Grayling and Grayling eat anything. They’re a beautiful sport fish with a very large dorsal fin and an insatiable appetite. After speaking with a couple of the locals we learned that the Forest Service maintains two public cabins on the lake, each with a rowboat. Once the reservation was secured we hoped in our van courtesy of Northwest Van Campers and headed south from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula; the scenery along the drive was absolutely breathtaking.

The Cabin on Crescent Lake, AlaskaWe arrived at the Crescent Creek Trailhead and began our 6.5 mile, easy hike to the cabin. We had the trail to ourselves and the only noise we heard was from the birds and the running of the creek. The feeling of complete serenity is so welcomed when it’s just you, your thoughts and nature..

The Inside of a Crescent Lake Forest Service Cabin

A little over 2 hours later we arrived our destination: a quiet, secluded cabin with the basic necessities snuggled in a valley sitting right on a lake. We just looked at each other and smiled until Jay spoke up, “Let’s catch some dinner!”

a rowboat on the Lakeshore of Crescent Lake, AlaskaWe headed to the shoreline, where, just as advertised our rowboat was tied to the shore. After all the fishing gear was loaded we began rowing, to nowhere in particular. Cast after cast we couldn’t seem to find any fish, so we continued to row the shoreline until all of a sudden it was like a light-switch turned on; every cast we had a fish. Immediately we kept 3 for dinner and then continued to just catch and release until we decided to get back to the cabin to start a fire and cook some Grayling and potatoes. Dinner was delicious!

When you’re planning your trip to Alaska, be sure to reserve a van from Northwest Van Campers, and a cabin on Crescent Lake. You can see the Northwest Van Campers schedule of availability here, you can reserve one of the Forest Service cabins on Crescent Lake here, or you can look at other great recreational opportunities in Alaska here. Successful Fishing on Crescent Lake

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